4G Industrial Router For Smart Charging Solutions

Charging station data transfer solutions, remote data transmission through GPRS DTU, however, based on GPRS network transmission speed is too slow. If 3G/4G networking, procurement costs will be much higher, but GPRS is without a doubt, not a cost-effective solution. Described in this paper is based on the 4G industrial-grade wireless router implementation of cost-effective solutions.

First collect the data of charging stations distributed in different regions through the collector, place WIFI serial device servers in different locations. WIFI signal sent to 4G industrial router, and then through the 4G network to the remote monitoring centers. The monitoring center can receive data fast and stable, and exception data occurs, respond in a timely manner.

Remote cloud management platform can monitor the charging terminals scattered in different locations. That will reduce operation and maintenance costs. WIFI serial device server combined with 4G industrial router, this charging solutions based on cost control, can also achieve rapid transparent transmission.

This solution is suitable for outdoor, only need to connect the power cable to the entire data detection system, does not need its wires and cables, convenient and practical.


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