USR-WIFI232-A2 In stock

Serial UART to WiFI Module for IOT

Power: DC 3.0 ~ 3.6V.  AP: 169mA (average)@3.3V.  STA: 164mA (average)@3.3V
Interface: UART/Ethernet/GPIO
Size: 40mm x 25mm x 8mm

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USR-WIFI232-A2 is an embedded 802.11 b/g/n wifi /wireless module used for Transparent data transmission between MCU controlled device and wireless network.  Under open horizon and no obstacle situation,the Max transmission distance is 200m . In AP mode, the max Station connection is 32.

UART/GPIO/Ethernet data interface.
Built in Web Server/Webpage for configuration.
Webpage socket to Serial.
HTTP Client: send data as HTTP format automatically. Serial data submitted to server by HTTP (GET/POST).
DHCP: automatically obtain an IP address and query IP address.
DNS address and MAC address can be modified.
Synchronous and adaptive serial port baud rate.
Support router/bridge mode networking.
Registration packet: identified header can be added to packets to check
connection status.
Heartbeat packet: can be sent to serial or network periodic. To ensure connection is reliable, put an end to dead link.
Support UDP, TCP, HTTP protocol and Transparent transmission, AT Command Mode, HTTP Client Mode.

1) Virtual serial port software(VCOM), Windows 2000 or higher (32 bit/64 bit)
Parameter Configuration:
1)Web Server configuration. (User Manual)

2)Serial and Network AT Command.
Factory Setting:
1) Hardware reset: Pull down nReload Pin (Pin 10) for 3 seconds or more
2) Software reset: Enter AT command mode, use AT command AT+RELD.
3) Webpage setting: “Device management page”
Firmware upgrade by webpage. “Device management page” (User Manual)

WIFI Networking Mode
1)AP: the wireless access point and the founder of wireless network. all devices can connect AP. E.g.: A router also work as AP.
In AP Mode, the Max STA connection is 32.
2)STA: terminal of the wireless network. All communication between STAs is
through AP. e.g.: PC can work as STA.
3)AP+STA: supports one device as AT and one device as STA.

TCP/UDP Transparent Transmission Mode
Serial RS232 WIFI Converter WIFI232-602 work as TCP Client, TCP Server, UDP Client,
UDP Server Mode.
1) In TCP Client Mode: Client connects Server automatically. User should configure the TCP Server’s IP address and Port.
2) In TCP Server Mode: The Max Client number is 32.
3) In UDP Client Mode: serial data will be sent to a fix IP address/port which you appointed.
4) In UDP Server Mode: serial data will be sent to last source IP/Port.

Industrial automation system.
Electronic scale, vending machine and POS machine.
Energy consumption monitoring: intelligent ammeter and intelligent water meter.
Smart parking system and Intelligent traffic system.
Cold storage logistic system.
Environmental monitoring and humiture data acquisition.

Basic Information
Size40 x 25 x 8 mm
PackagePin Type
Working VoltageDC 3 ~ 3.6V
Working CurrentAP: 169mA (average)/305mA (peak)@3.3V
STA: 164mA (average)/197mA (peak)@3.3V
Working Temp-40°C ~ 85°C
Storage Temp-40 ~ 125°C
Storage Humidity5 ~ 95% RH (non-condesation)
InterfaceUART, Ethernet Port, GPIO
Serial Port
Port Number1*TTL
Interface PinTX/RX/RTS/CTS (hardware flow control)
RS485 PinYes
Baud Rate300 bps ~ 460.8K bps
BufferTX: 4K bytes, RX: 4K bytes
Data Bit5, 6, 7, 8
Stop Bit1, 2
Wireless Parameter
Wireless Standard802.11 b/g/n
Frequency Range2.412GHz ~ 2.484GHz
Transmit Power802.11b: +20dBm (Max)
802.11g: +18dBm (Max)
802.11n: +15dBm (Max)
Receive Sensitivity802.11b: -89dBm
802.11g: -81dBm
802.11n: -71dBm
Data SecurityWEP / WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK
Encryption: WEP64 / WEP128 / TKIP/AES
Parameter ConfigurationWeb Server, Network AT Command, Serial AT Command
Wireless Network TypeAP, Station, AP+STA Mode
Max STA Number in AP Mode32
Transmission Distance3dbi I-PEX external antenna
Max 280m (open horizonm , no obstacle isituation)

User Manual

[User Manual] USR-WIFI232-A2 User Manual V6.0 | download
[Datasheet] USR-WIFI232-A2 Datasheet | download
[User Manual] USR-VCOM User Manual V3.5.2 | download

Development File

[Development Doc] Usrlink Fast Networking Protocol Instruction and Demo | download
[Demo Code] TCPIP Demo Code | download

Application Software

[USR-VCOM] Virtual Serial Software V3.7.1.520 | download
[USR-TCP-Test] Testing Software V1.3 | download
[USR-TCP-Test_android] Testing Software | download
[USR-WIFI232-Setup] Setup Software | download

Product Certificates

[Certificate] WIFI High Performance CE FCC ROHS WEEE Certificate | download

Company File

[Product Catalog] USR Product Catalog | download


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