USR-LTE-7S4 In stock

Serial UART 4G LTE Module supports FTP and SIM Card Slot

Power: DC 5.0 ~ 16 V
TTL Serial port
SIM card slot: Standard SIM / Mini SIM

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4G LTE Module USR-LTE-7S4 is used to transmit data between serial port and network server by Operator network. It is configured by AT Command and work in bi-directional transparent transmission mode.
USR-LTE-7S4 is in small size, which is widely used in LTE, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA. It works in transparent transmission mode and more functional software. It has high speed and less time-delay , supports FTP protocol.
USR-LTE-7S4 is compatible with 2G module 7S2/7S3, user can replace 7S3 easily. We add Watchdog function to ensure the stability in long-time working.
List of LTE networks: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_LTE_networks


HTTPD Client
Based on embedded Linux system, in high stability
SMS transparent transmission
AT command
Baud rate synchronization
Registration mechanism
Heartbeat package mechanism
FTP protocol upgrade
RNDIS Function

Configuration method:
1)Webpage configuration
2)AT command configuration

Working Mode Introduction
1. Network transparent transmission mode
In this mode, User’s device can send data to specifie server by LTE network. G780 support 4 socket links. Four links are mutual independence.
2. HTTPD Client Mode
In this mode, User’ device can send/obtain data to/from HTTP server directly. The data will sent to Web server (apache, IIS, tomcat etc) in Http (GET/POST) mode as long as sending data in formal format. User can utilize the scripting language like PHP, ASP as database storage.
3. SMS transparent transmission mode
In this mode, user’s device can send SMS to specified phone number, or send the SMS from phone to device.
4. AT command
Whatever G780 working in any mode, user can send specified command to G780 to switch to AT command mode.

Basic Information
Size44.4 x 41.8 x 12.8 mm (not include terminal)
Input VoltageDC 5.0 ~16 V
Working Current Average: 55 ~ 127mA@12V; Max: 147mA@12V
Working Temperature-20 ~ 70°C
Storage environment-40 ~ 125°C, 5 ~ 95% RH (no condensation)
Hardware Interface SIM Card: 1.8V / 3V
Antenna Interface: 50?/SMA-K (female terminal)
Frequency Range
TDD-LTEBand 38/39/40/41
FDD-LTEBand 1/3
WCDMABand 1/8
TD-SCDMABand 34/39
TDD-LTE3GPP R9 CAT4 download rate: 150 Mbps, upload rate: 50 Mbps
FDD-LTE3GPP R9 CAT4 download rate: 150 Mbps, upload rate: 50 Mbps
WCDMAHSPA+ download rate: 21 Mbps upload rate: 5.76 Mbps
TD-SCDMA3GPP R9 download rate: 2.8 Mbps, upload rate: 2.2 Mbps
GSM/GPRS/EDGEMAX:download rate 384 kbps, upload rate: 128 kbps
Transmitted Power
TDD-LTE+23dBm(Power class 3)
FDD-LTE+23dBm(Power class 3)
WCDMA+23dBm(Power class 3)
TD-SCDMA+24dBm(Power class 2)
GSM Band8+33dBm(Power class 4)
GSM Band3+30dBm(Power class 1)
Serial Port
Port NumberTTL*1
Data Bits5,6,7,8
Stop Bit1,2
Check BitNone, Even, Odd
Baud Rate300 bps ~ 230400 bps
Flow ControlCTS/RTS
BufferTX: 10K bytes, RX: 10K bytes
Software Parameter
Work ModeTransparent Transmission Mode, HTTP Mode, FTP Mode
Max TCP Connection4
ConfigurationSerial AT command, SMS AT Command, Network AT Command
SoftwareVirtual Serial Software (USR-VCOM) ,Windows 2000 or higher
Configuration: Serial AT command, SMS AT Command, Network AT Command
Warranty Period2 Years
AccessoryPCB Antenna

User Manual

[User Manual] USR-LTE-7S4 User Manual | download

Application Software

[USR-78x] Setup Software V1.0.0.73 | download

Company File

[Product Catalog] USR Product Catalog | download

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