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Industrial RS232/RS485 Serial to 4G LTE Modem with Ethernet Port and Sim Card


Wide range input voltages : 5V -36V DC

Extended operating temperature :(-25 °C~ 85°C)

Interface: RS232/RS485/Ethernet (1*WAN, 1*LAN ).

SIM Card Slot and External Antenna

Function: APN & VPN (PPTP/L2TP Protocol), PPPOE, DHCP, Static IP

 Band and Frequency :Asia, American (  AT&T and Verizon SIM Card) , European ,Australia

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USR G781 is a Cellular Modem- Industrial Serial to 4G LTE Modem with Sim ard and Ethernet Port. It provides a serial to cellular networking solution: transmit data transparently from serial port RS232/RS485 to device over 4G LTE , 3G WCDMA/ UMTS/HSDPA and 2G GSM/GPRS/EDGE. The 4G LTE Ethernet Modem also has external antenna and DIN-rail and wall-mounting housing.

Band and Frequency  

4G LTE Modem

List of LTE networks: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_LTE_networks

  • Support Asia,  American(  AT&T and Verizon SIM Card) , European ,Australia Band and Frequency
  • 2 RJ45/Ethernet port, option to use one LAN port as WAN connection.
  • Support 4 Socket independent connection
  • Virtual Private Network: APN and VPN Client (PPTP, L2TP)  Note: OpenVPN and IPSec,  L2TP, GRE are in developing stage .
  • Support static routing
  • Support NTP to check the time.
  • Support TCP/UDP client mode and server mode.
  • Support upgrading firmware via FTP
  • DDNS, Dynamic domain mapping
  • Serial to HTTP format
  • Firewall and QOS flow control management
  • Heartbeat packet: can be sent to serial or network periodic. To ensure connection is reliable, put an end to dead link.
  • Identity /Registration packet: identified header can be added to packets to check connection status.
  • Integrated Hardware and software watchdog timer
  • Serial port protection: Reverse connection projection, ESD anti-surge, anti-static, Surge protection, EFT
  • The metal enclosure can be mounted on a DIN-rail or on the wall
  • Transparent transmission mode and Http Client Mode
  • Configuration method: Built-in Webpage configuration and AT Command configuration
  • USR Cloud Management for remote device management

4g lte modem ethernet



4G LTE M2M Ethernet Modem provides fast connection speeds for embedded Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

  • Energy: Digital Oil Field, Coal Mine, Solar, Smart Grid,
  • Utilities: Smart City, Traffic, Street lIghting, Public Safty, , Environment monitoring, Video Surveillance
  • Industrial: Remote Telemetry, Tanking Monitoring, Automation, Remote PLC, Remote AMR, Remote Monitoring and control
  • Retail: ATM, POS(Point-of-Sale), Vending Machine, Lottery Machine, Branch network, Digital Signage, Video Surveillance.
  • Transpotation: Bus WiFi, Vehicle video surveillance, Fleet tracking and management, Bus Advertising

4g lte lan port modemlte ethernet modem

Wired Ethernet Port
WAN portWAN *1
LAN portLAN * 1
one can be WAN or LAN port and another one can be LAN port
Band of G781
TDD-LTEBand 38/39/40/41
FDD-LTEBand 1/3
WCDMABand 1/8
TD-SCDMABand 3/8
Band of G781-E
FDD-LTEBand 1/3/5/7/8/20
TDD-LTEBand 38/40/41
WCDMABand 1/5/8
GPRSBand 3/8
Band of G781-V
FDD-LTEBand 4/13
Band of G781-A
FDD-LTEBand 2/4/12
WCDMABand 2/4/5
Band of G781-AU
FDD-LTEBand 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/28
TDD-LTEBand 40
WCDMABand 1/2/5/8
GPRSBand 2/3/5/8
SIM card&Antenna
SIM/USIM Cardstandard 6 pin SIM card, 3V/1.8V SIM card
AntennaSMA port?5dBi full-frequency antenna
Working Temp-25?- 85?
Storage Temp-40?- 125?
Storage Humidity10%~90%
Storage Humidity5%~90%
Power Supply
Working Voltage DC 9V~36V
Working Current[email protected]?Max?300mA @12V

User Manual

[Datasheet] USR-G781 Datasheet  | download
[User Manual] USR-G781 User Manual | download
[AT Command] USR-G781 AT Command Set | download

Application Software

[Software] USR-G781 Setup Software V1.0.0.0 | download

Product Certificate

[Certificate] 4G LTE Series CE ROHS Certificate | download

Company File

[Product Catalog] USR Product Catalog | download

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